Living Stones

A concert for 2 stony sound systems by Kamal Hamadache
Pieces of flint,
Slab of slate,
Rock percussion mechanisms,

“A Legend you said ?
We are looking at the stars”

After a first version in the form of an installation in the chapel of Argantel in April 2012 listening to the telluric forces, the Living Stones decided to vary the initial conditions of the system and to explore the emergence of chaos by meeting other Stone Systems

Livingstones are initially a low-frequency generator and 3 attractor modules.
Each module has a percussion mechanism of rocks. They are actuated by vibrators or electromagnets and their jolts are animated by computer.
For K’you Livingstones, other modules were added and Alain Mahé, a master in the art of playing pebbles, joined the project. No attempt at tuning, the stone speaks by itself.
Listening to the mineral, “LivingStones 2” is listening to the jolts and chaotic resonances of the blocks.